Lobo Hills is about making wine for food and the experiences that go with the two together.

A food wine expresses itself in its artistic balance – an elegant symmetry of fruit, terroir and natural acid that marries to the flavors of cuisine. Like nuptials, wine and food are two opposite equals, where harmony not dominance is cherished. We craft dry whites and reds, sauvignon blancs, dry Rieslings, cabernet sauvignons and Bordeaux-styled blends that enhance this melding. 

How to Enjoy this Wine

We see wine as an expression of life and its many divergent paths. In our wines, you receive our journey of work and years past.

At the table, linger on the life poured into the bottle and the life that fills you and your family or friends as you enjoy. In those moments – perfect moments – life is slow and good and to be savored.

Lobo Hills toasts you –
your community, your friends, your family. To your health.