about us

Lobo Hills is owned by Diana and Tony Dollar, two people who enjoy time with one another over well-balanced food wines. We herald from California, but our adventures and life story span a former country in Eastern Europe, time spent traveling the country in a Volkswagon van and countless miles traveling the country on a motorcycle. We have two homes – one in Wedgwood; one in our winery. Welcome!

Anthony (Tony) Dollar 

One bright Sunday afternoon in April, Tony was riding his road bike down a hill at more than 20 MPH when a driver of a large car turned left, into him. Waking in Harborview Hospital’s emergency room, lying on a gurney, he found out that he had flipped over the hood, landing on his head, fracturing his spine.

It’s true, what they say about near-death experiences. Priorities shift. He found himself learning what truly important: his faith, his family, and where he wanted to spend the remaining years of his life. In reflection, the best moments of his life have been spent in community with friends and family, drinking wine and eating food. He had detoured from wine. Now, he found himself back home, now making this fantastic beverage and bringing it to you.

Tony attended the Northwest Wine Academy, focusing on wine making. His wine roots go back to his college days where he ran tours out of one of California’s first wineries, Almaden Vineyards in San Jose, California. From there, he traveled to Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland and the Netherlands, before returning to San Jose and J. Lohr Winery. There, he ran the tasting room and served as Hospitality Director. One day, bored with tasting rooms, he bought a VW van – inspired by On the Road and Travels with Charlie and toured the country before settling in Seattle. This is where he found wine to be the most promising. He served briefly as a wine steward at the world-renown Canlis Restaurant, left to write, wrote, and now he’s back in the business, but this time making wine… wine that he hopes you find to be full of promise and flavor.

Diana Dollar 

Diana cares. She simply does. From the time Tony first met her, she was coordinating food drives with a local food bank. Next, she was helping create jobs with a local economic development council. Now, she is executive director of a nonprofit that designs solutions that stop the cycle of poverty. She is passionate about transforming lives into a vision of what could be.